Reparations in Our Lifetime!

June 22, 2001

The specific goals of reparations is to make amends, to repair. However, in order to ensure that something is repaired or amended, it is first important to have those from whom one is demanding reparations, to recognize their culpability in the wrong done. Secondly, the offending party should be able to address an entity that represents the interest of the offended party, such representation that can point to what existed prior to the offense being made.

In this regards, America has never apologized for crimes against humanity for engaging in the Afrikan slave trade. The U.S. government do not recognize or acknowledge that it has and continue to commit a crime against humanity. The prerequisite to reparations, then, is the acknowledgement of culpability of America's involvement in the crime of the Afrikan slave trade, of which has not been determine to have been a crime. Secondly, to whom or what entity is reparations to be granted? It is more than apparent that Afrikans in the diaspora has yet to evolve into a holistic and united front or representative body of Afrikans outside the continent. In fact, in the U.S., the majority of Black's consider themselves American's, and therefore, regard themselves subject to the historical and cultural determinants of Americanism. This include subordinating the Afrikan slave trade to an accumulative American experience, divorce of the devastation to Afrika in all of its negative consequences. Therefore, the U.S. does not feel compelled to offer an apology or reparations to people who believe themselves to be a representative member of the country, and its American history. In other words, America has no need to give reparations to other Americans - for what?!

It is here postulated that Afrikan people in the U.S. must, as part of the reparations movement, come to terms as to their ultimate relationship with America and its government of the plutocracy. I dare say that, Afrikan people in America must move toward divorcing themselves of all trappings and identification with being American as part of the overall dynamics to fight and win reparations. Indeed, reparations is not only an issue of monetary compensation, but requires psychological-cultural repair of an Afrikan nation of people. It requires the amending of history and socioeconomic conditions that has sought to deny the existence of an Afrikan people. It ultimately means the ending of the genocidal relationship of Afrikans with America, and the forging of independence and sovereignty of Afrikan people in the diaspora.

Some 80 years ago, the Honorable Marcus Garvey, proclaimed "Afrika for the Afrikans" - the demanding of reparations must proclaim this fundamental determination, and in so doing, Afrikan people in America must come to terms with their vested interest in being Afrikan, rather than identifying themselves with America. Reparations without Independence and Sovereignty is tantamount to a large welfare payment!!!

Free the Land, Free all Political Prisoners of War!!! Respectfully Submitted,

A. Jalil Bottom NY-3, BPP/BLA