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Bound by chains you would claim
they sustain a reason to remain
sane in a world of racial turmoil.
Each link with each desperate move
Tightens across your chest making
Breathing uneasy when a single
Child was unable to eat, sleep
Or live free.

Wrapped in a steel coil as would an
Anaconda, resistance is futile, you
Settled yourself with a determined
Will to challenge and unselfishly
Transform its embrace into kinetic
Energy of a (R)evolutionary.  You
Knew its squeeze would only make
You stronger.

Captured in its gray polished glint,
Motivated, never to relent-arming
Yourself and others with notions
Of freedom, emancipation & liberation-
To think free, to live free, despite
Efforts to incapacitate the beauty of
your words, ideas and spirit of action.

The metallic chains rattle and clink
When it attracks the rusty metal filings
Of curious minds who want to know
The meaning of your chains: why you
Were bound so tight – like a
Magnetic force, they came to you
Twisting and flailing with misunderstandings
And interpretations of American history,
And what it means to be-WOMAN.

And, with every attraction the chains
become more restrictive, grew stronger
In knowing your soul could not be
harnessed or contained.

The chains bit into your flesh, gnawing
Into your bones, the marrow of your
existence and you gleefully accepted,
giddy as your life blood escaped
its capillaries seeping into dry earth
to nourish the gardens and pastures
of rebellion and insurrection. The
sacrifice that only those similarly chained
know. Against all odds, the fruit of your
labor gave birth to many more prepared,
ready, eager to be chained, bound
by your example. For it is often said,
one  labors for that which one loves, one
love that for which one labors.

For those chains, your chains, our chains
Are of love, the love of freedom, the
Love of humanity, the love of life
That all sincere revolutionaries are
Bound- the unbreakable chains of
Love each of us are linked until
Divine Providence calls us home!
Marilyn we celebrate your love!

     Marilyn Buck made her
     Transition on 8/3/10


Jalil A. Muntaqim