What's In Your Wallet?

Have you been declared UnAmerican?
CEO Trump and his sidekicks are
not UnAmerican.
Don’t be aghast because at last,
the past is the present.
When was America not racist?
When was America not an exploiter?
When was America not a capitalist-profiteer?
When was America not an imperialist?

Since I am not a racist, exploiter, capitalist,
profiteer, or imperialist — I’m UnAmerican!

Do you remember when slavery was legal,
— guess what, it still is!
Do you remember when Cointelpro action
was legal —guess what, it still is!

Once there was the House Committee on
UnAmerican Activities denouncing Communists;
Once America interned the Japanese alleging
they were UnAmerican … such is the way
of being American. So, can it then be
said the Americans control the White House?
It was the Americans who elected CEO

Native Americans are corralled on Reservations
declared by Americans they are not Americans
— go figure?!
Puerto Rico has been declared American
its people suffering Americanism.
So, for all of you proud Red, White and
Blue Americans — if this is your America,
please declare me UnAmerican, save me
me from Americanism …

Oh, but you argue being American
is to fight, resist, revolt, rebel, riot,
insurrect … What are your saying,
there are 2 Americas — that America
is bi-polar, schizoid from its inception,
has been at war with itself to define
itself, to become aware of its place
in the World?

From Afrikan slavery, annihilation
of the Indigenous, the internment of
Japanese, the slaughter of Hiroshima
and Nagasaki; the decimation of
Korea, splitting it into two, and carpet
bombing Vietnam, the embargo of
Cuba, the raping of Haiti and Puerto
Rico — all speak to the Greatness
of America — that’s just a start …

Oh, go on — Okay, how about
the invasions of Grenada, Panama,
Iraq, now Syria — Manifest Destiny,
Monroe Doctrine, Black Codes, Jim
Crow, Mass Incarceration … Oh,
say can you see by the daunterly
light, bombs bursting in the air,
America’s elation no longer having
to disguise what has been its truth
all along?

Wait, I’m not finished … Remember
the assassination of Patrice Lumumba,
the assassination of Sadiqqi Mosaddegh,
the Cointelpro assassination of Fred
Hampton and destruction of the BPP,
the assassination of Martin L. King, Jr.
the assassination of Malcolm X,
the assassination of Filiberto Ojeda Rios,
the assassination of Che Guevara,
the kidnapping of Aristide and
Noriega … Imperialism in its
glory — making America great,
as colored people’s red blood flows
and metamorphs into greenbacks
and the conspicuous consumer
consumption flourishes like
the blooming of the cherry blossoms.

Can’t you see, this is both the
Matrix and Avatar — wrapped into
a love story. America — either love
her or leave her!

So, I ask the question — Are
you American or UnAmerican?
Capital One would ask —
What’s in Your Wallet?

Remember, We Are Our Own Liberators!

Jalil A. Muntaqim
Shawangunk C.F.
April 2017