A Time to Dance

The smoldering heat of politrix that
corrupts with an oath of office
historically mandated by the Square
and Compass.

From George Washington to Barack Obama,
the drama manifest through the laws
of the dishonest, cloak in Black —
revealing mysteries from inside the
Holy of Holies.

The Supreme Court canonized corporations
as people, plying them to pay for a
politician in the name of democracy.
I mean hypocrisy if you can see
what I feel you'll cut your own throat.
Not suicide, it's just a matter you can't
hide or deny the reality of America's
scheme to capture and lock down
freedom, to have it appear as a
mirror of itself reflecting a story that
begins with genocide and slavery.

It is said fruit doesn't fall far from
the tree, the strange fruit of
America's domestic and foreign policy.
The Pentagon's death dementors whose
dastardly deed is the destruction of
humanity's fate, until it conforms to
corporatization without complaint.

Can you say New World Order
where real people no longer matter?

The Red or Blue pill to soothe your
ills the Matrix for the wise is
real — you choose or you lose, and
that — is the Good News, until having
a choice is suspended and the blue
pill is genetically processed in your
tap water, and Homeland Security
becomes the overseer of the Food and
Drug Administration, remember, it's for
your own Safety — as the Center for
Disease Control declares terrorists
have infiltrated the food chain, a false
claim void of shame permitting agri-
business to continue to reign laizze
faire untamed.

It seems to become a home grown is
to seize the unknown and shape it
beyond the capacity of the dictates of
Fox or CNN. You making the news
that's fit to print instead of being
the news like a deer caught in a
freight train's highlights.

From the mountain top you heard
the call, words to your ear drums
sounding like TOMTOMS, it's time to
dance —

Be it a Ballot or a Bullet, let it be
fire this time.

Jalil Muntaqim 04/05/10