The Masks

Shouldn't we strip off Masks
like casting away a cast after
a limb has healed; revealing
the person inside unadulterated?

Can you hear me?

Unmasked, void of disguise,
no secrets, no lies, no
place to hide, the façade
decomposed like road kill
at the end of a masquerade,
where the shade fades and
and the light of day pervades.

Can you see me?

I am not like them, those who
disguise their Lives in techni-
color, peacocks without purpose,
purposely posing as petulant’s
but are merely phantoms of a

Can you feel me?

My needs exceed man-made creeds,
subject to a lover that never
retreats; a faith that leaves
no avenue for escape; an
appetite neither a gourmet chef
nor a nymph can satiate, I
wonder can you relate, for this
is more than an adventure—it
is a way of life. No convention
can contain like a sociological
construct, not like the proverbial
sheep of citizenry to be controlled,
they living the lie in fear of freedom,
knowing freedom is not free?

Can you pay me?

The liberated soul beholds the
bold, audacious, absent mendacity,
lack of crassness, yet, I dare to
swear like an inebriated wordsmith
with a twist of lime, shaken
and stirred, since time is of the
essence, my essence cannot be
complacent although I know the
I in We ... A Mask!

So, please say yes!

Jalil A. Muntaqim
Apartheid Attica
September 2016