The passage of time can not deny
the heritage of your legacy,
pirates whose family crest is
Skulls & Bones,
but today is juxtapose with
Stars and Stripes.

Synchronized minds out of time,
Goose-step marching in the era of
Big Brother and double-speak, in
an effort to gain complete the
legacy of rape and pillage
exhaling polluted lies while
Inhaling the cries of the
despised, the wretched of the
earth whose pleas are heard on
deaf ears, as their sign language
is denied by eyes since
justice has turned away with a
dull sword blunted by alibis
of scavengers and imperialists.

To recognize these truths is to know
Deep Throat was a FBI Co-intelpro agent,
the duplicity consistent with their
reality, especially since their democracy
reeks of hypocrisy, and all we can do is
swim against the tide and pray the maelstrom
do not take us under. For the undertow of
ignorance is prevalent capturing the masses
into the hysteria manufactured by the CIA
on 9/11, as the shadow government takes
reign under the flag of the Skull & Bones.

Indeed, Liberty is taken hostage by the
Patriot Act; awaiting true freedom fighters
to rescue her from the bowels of pirate
ships christened the White House, where
blacken hearts dwell pumping the anguish
blood of humanity into pools of oil, and
like shape-shifters, shifting the blame on
former allies who came to realize their
shameless ties to the devil!

2006 Jalil Muntaqim