The Hunger

Forget about last night. Yes, I know you're
uptight, but last night has its plight, for
now on, it's me and you - we'll make it right.

Why you want to know about last night,
didn't I say it should not have happened,
so lets not argue about what can't be
undone, I rather it be shun or even used
as a pun, unrelated to our situation.

Okay, you insist. Then trust my reminisce
will not seem to you bliss, but for me, it's
something I could not resist, so remember
you insist.

Last night was more than a dream come true,
it was a heaven sent night as I reminisce,
its all coming back like feelings on my
finger tips, and the taste on my tongue, it
was something to savor, when it was over a
glutton would have mourn. But I return back
to you, although torn, and feel likef .. should
be scorn, yet in the end I would never leave
you forlorn.

Last night was like no other, in fact, I
shudder if there had been another to discover
my other. However, it might have been better
if it had been more to adore, to fill myself
with and enjoy, but as all good things must
come to an end, last night was no exception.

Yes, it came to an end at one last morsel,
one last bite, one last delectable, delicious,
delightful, delicacy, dancing defiantly in the
depth of me like a decree declaring by default
the defeat of any other who would challenge my
dedication to you.

So, while last night in my hunger I was taunted,
tested and ate a steak, everyone knows, when one
is truly hungry, having a need to be pleased,
that exceeds excruciation, exemplifying with no
exaggeration the pains of a starving Ethiopian,
a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, will taste
just as good as a steak!

Jalil 2002