The quantum physics of my
existence is like neutrinos
passing through space and
time, knowing no rest,
withstanding the test.

An odyssey always verging
and emerging, the light of
Dark Matter, a snapshot
of Sunrise and Sunset in
a blink of an eye, captures
the collective consciousness
of cosmic order in a time
capsule never filled...

An intellectual cornucopia,
an abundance of freedom
fighters like fire ants
in a pasture of dinosaurs
with the capacity to incapacitate
a maelstrom of oppression.

Our resistance is the big bang,
exploding the kaleidoscope of
humanity, traversing our universe
searching for liberty, the elusive
absence of repression, where bias
and prejudice falls like an Arctic
ice shelf, sunflares and cosmic rays,
the joyous rapture of a nebula,
defying the nuclear death star.

Our revolution like the orbit
of the Blue dot spiraling in
the Milky Way, like the rings
inside an Evergreen is the DNA
of our existence, persistent,
consistent with the choice,
the dialectics of opposites,
we side with the oppressed.

The genome engraved on eternity,
the helix with its infinite wisdom
obscured in the silence of ignorance,
being decoded, unveiled incrementally,
as our struggle restores humanity in
preparation for the generation of
universal cosmic consciousness.

Since thoughts precede action,
what are you thinking?

Jalil A. Muntaqim
Apartheid Attica
September 9, 2016