Smart Alek

I cast thee down!
Lost soul. on a venture
for all time, eternity
renders them into

In the visiting room a
white man told me I'm to
smart for my own good. I
know where he comes from,
unsung ••• not speaking in my
best interest or that of my

I looked at him contemplating
his meaning, was he scheming
or speaking without demeaning?

The eclipse ignited ancient
memories when Lucifer was
dismissed into the abyss.

And, ever since, the division
forged opposite realities - this
knowledge applied could result
in one's demise, told you're to
smart for your own good as a hood
slips like melting cold ice over
the head - to choke reality out
of me ....

Ahhh - the delusion, the illuslon,
the confusion and hypocrisy has
hecome so real that lies are now
truth, Luclfer's fork-tongue now
bears fruit. He wanting my 11fe
to bear rotten fruit, as she bites
against her whorish better judge-
ment, liberty is revealed by the
light of a burning cross, giving
meaning to manifeat destiny.

Wise men traveled to Beth where he
laid, but the jews ruled to slay
him, not the first of Jew on Jew
crime, but one that will last for all
time, and now they believe their
sins are forgiven, by virtue of
In God We Trust.

And, Mammon escape from hell to
goven a kind of, man, as hue-man
entities suffers Bezelbubs' reign.

Engulfed in homeland insecurity
life's abode decline in slippery
slope void of hope, while dope
becomes the ingorant way to cope.
The bliss of death, indeed, to die
a slave and be born again - a man!
The consequences of knowledge
herald from Angelic whisper -

He is right, my own good is
being smart.

Jalil @2010