Scream Black

April 2, 2009 

Why must I scream to be heard?

Wilderson claims I am Incognegro - to be seen and
not heard, towing the line of assimilation and cultural
annihilation. Ellison claims I am an Invisible Man, not
to be seen in centers of power, allowing recognition of
tokens as a coin of exchange to represent my personal
and political interest.

My words must become like bombs in a vest strapped
on my aged aching consciousness to blow away the
alleged eccentricity of my existence?  The blackness
of my vocabulary must refuse to hide your racism, an
inconceivable miscarriage ill-form abortion of humanity.

No longer capable or willing to whisper - rather charge
genocides from atop mounting graves of those who came
before me Nat, Marcus, Muhammad, Malcolm, Medger,
Martin, and finally in full circle, Newton in self-defense.

Spewing molten volcanic ash of revolutionary ideas, casting
pregnant black clouds of notions castigating white supremacy
with the need to inoculate my descendants from your emasculation
and dehumanization.

Why must I scream to be heard?

To call for Blackmen to stop gagging and choking on their
silence, to spit from the pit of their sour stomachs, together
scream for reparations and liberation to end the slow death
of internecine forced fratricide and genocidal incarceration.

You need not atone, you need only to explode, reclaiming your
souls. Then, all else will come easy!

Remember:  We Are Our Own Liberators!