The absence of Joy, void of contentment
when feelings only feel loss, and ideas
are absorbed in delusion.

It speaks in monosyllables, if at
all, in the tone of E-flat, neither
screeching or beseeching, bleaching
anguish from a wound discovered
from the inside-out.

Inside-out, outside bombarbed by racist
radiation enveloping one's being in a
bubble of white ambivalence, pushing
the envelope to a point of irrelevance
when what matters does not matter.

Black Lives Matter! Our Collective
Humanity Matters!

Solitary confinement, an antiseptic
whitewashed reality caused by the
imposition of nullification as people
of color are relegated to a Prison Nation.

Denied purpose
Denied reason
Denied hope

The hypocrisy of democracy
We Will Not Be Denied!
We proclaim
No Justice No Peace!
That's No Lie!

Part Two:

Living Black in a white world
but taught to not be racist,
contradictions of a paradox
wrapped in an enigma the
mystery lost in history not
taught why the first is now

Not racist but pro-Black
not Anti-Israel but
pro-Palestine liberation
(they too are semitic)
building a future for the poor
when the rich want more, the
poor loving freedom like
the rich love their billions.

Reconciliation through Revolution???

Part Three:

Anti-Capitalist, Anti-Imperialist,
Anti-Exploitation, Anti-Racism,
Anti-Hegemony, Anti-Class Divisions,
Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Oppression,
Anti-Repression, Anti-Sexism,
Anti-Chauvinism, Anti-Plutocracy …

These are progenitors of PAIN!!!

Now labeled as Anti-American?


February 2015
Jalil Muntaqim
Attica, NY State