"Malcolm X once said, "I am not interested in
being American, because America has never been
interested in me ... No, I'm not an American.
I'm one of 22 million Black people who are
victims of Americanism."

The apple pie is not in my eyes,
because, I can see clearly now,
the rain is gone ... Yeah, the
rain is gone, my vision is no
longer clouded by propaganda and
pledge to allegiance.

Since 1867 enactment of the 14th
Amendment, who new it would take
so long to put an end to this
madness, since the enemy has had
an out-post in our minds.

On the shoulders of our ancestors
the enemy reclined, knowing we don't
have history in our minds, it being
removed to the out-house where nothing
remains but their remains, unclaimed by
the next generation.

A rudderless ship in uncharted waters,
without history you're unable to
navigate to the shores of freedom.
Because the enemy has an out-post in
your mind, censoring your thoughts,
keeping your behavior towing the line.

11 million Afrikan orphans to be 20
million in 6 years, which ultimately
means 1-15 mill ion Afrikan parents will
die in such time, and the world is
silent, because the enemy has an out-post
in their minds, diverting attention to Iraq,
masturbating your thoughts so you
will support the enemy ejaculating oil
- with no consequences to a sequence of
distorted facts, bordering on lunacy,
as you pay exorbitant prices for oil
made patriotic for you to buy.

No, I'm not an American ...

With 1 million New Afrikans in U.S. cages,
they sit with inverted rages, unable to
reproduce, our numbers is reduced in
stages, rottening in cages - as their ages
are lowering to meet biological stages - the
phases are planned in tanks that think, as
they expect you to stay hood-winked, because
they believe they still have an out-post
in our minds.

But when you renounce allegiance and
declare yourself free, you purge the enemy
from where he use to be.

Becoming independent of thought, putting
your self-interest first, is one step up
a ladder that each step could make you
madder in knowing how the enemy's out-post
in your mind denied you the time, the reason
or the rhyme to know your rightful place
sublime in honor of the world's combined
populations, no matter the race or nation.

No, I'm not an American ...

For I have no desire to claim
it's history of rape, murder and pillage.
As there is no longer an enemy out-post
in my mind!

Jalil Muntaqim