The Obama-Nation


Will the Obama-Nation become an abomination if it fails to
stop the bombing of nations?  From Gaza to Afghanistan, the
American people must take a stand and tell Obama to forge
a better plan to free the land of Zionist and the Taliban.  To
stand up against corporate bailouts while prisons are left out
for change like a business with out clout as 2.3 million prisoners
remain in chains.

Change became a mantra defined on a political precipice
forged in steep words unprecedented by one who won the
right to be the 44th President.  Supported by beliefs sold
in edifices of worship bonding the ideals shuttered in the
hearts of the dispossessed whose hope for tomorrow has
not regressed.  Yet, time sours faith in hungry bellies as
the unsheltered endure the storms of lies, alibis, and corrupt
government undisguised as the media realized exposing the
truth could result in a covenant Pulitzer Prize.

A future is born with a change of power on this day and in
this hour with an oath of office the Obama-Nation must stand
in allegiance, against torture, Abu Graib, Guantanamo Bay,
rendition and detention just to mention how the U.S. derelictions
became the world’s affliction.  Evolving from 8 years of
disconnection, disaffection, humiliation, dissatisfaction with
the Bush administration corporate affiliations that led to U.S.
financial ruination.

The Democrats believe they can, since Obama told them
“Yes We Can,” Americans hope this is not a sham – as
participatory democracy is more than a four-year election,
since each day the Americans should strive for perfection,
healing the planet as they heal themselves of racism, sexism
and capitalist exploitation, to improve America’s place in
the World of nations.

No drama in the Obama-Nation is the expectation, void of
hesitation folk’s anticipation the 44th will elevate the level of
peace dividends given in Clintonques deliberation face to face
with world’s representatives, like ebony and ivory side by side
championing U.S. hegemony in perfect harmony.  As Gates
secures the gates of the Pentagon to sustain an imperialist
presence from Iraq to the China sea, who is to believe change
can be conceived with National Security Agency secrets up
their sleeves.

The continued embargo of Cuba and Haiti a scandalous exercise
of power, as Latin America excise North America in its revolutionary
shining hour.  Iran seek nuclear advancement as the CIA creeps to
hinder its expansion, an inexplicable situation given the arms race has
move as far as outer space, continuing to militarily arming Israel and
Taiwan, while North Korea produces nuclear energy the U.S. attempts to prohibit proliferation not of its control, using food as a weapon toward
an obvious starving nation not keeping with its humanitarian goals.

Afrika stumbles into the 21st century with corporate proxy wars, none
keeping score as economic devastation brings multiple horrors.  The
killing of babies and raping of girls, arming of children leaving the
land trampled with scars.  Afrikans hope the Obama-Nation will plant
seeds of democracy, negating the hypocrisy of years of neglect without
regret, and yet, AFRICOM is a serious misstep.  While Asians in Malaysia the largest concentration of Islamic moderation confounds U.S. inclination to confront jihadist of Al-Qaeda’s persuasion in its population.

On the home front, Martin L. King Jr., proclaimed we as a people will get to the promise land, while Malcolm X said it will be either the Ballot or Bullet, so could it be hard to understand the 44th like a Manchurian candidate manipulating the political landscape, permitting the Patriot Act to prohibit progressive or revolutionary tact believing true liberation after today has become a point in fact.  By virtue of the ballot, the revolution has been high jacked, the Black bourgeoisie has been notified America is now sanctified and the promise land gentrified as the Obama-Nation is satisfied.  But Cointelpro victims remain classified in prisons, yet to be rectified with truth and reconciliation, no way to start anew in the Obama-Nation.

So with a historic inauguration by pomp and circumstances though crying eyes, a new era to inspire a generation of possibilities beyond rhetoric. Anxious for the audacity of hope to spring eternal in humanities fratricidal brotherhood with service to the nation negating race or class as societies underclass test pomp and circumstances with stark cold reality of growing unemployment lines with the economic situation continuing to decline.

My warning to all while the band plays “Hail to the Chief,” with a military
seven gun salute, to not become hoodwinked or bamboozled, nor forgo
the political determination to end the embargo of Haiti and Cuba, to Free Puerto Rico and Palestine for this is not the time to recline in building struggle. To keep U.S. hands off of Assata, because we gotta free all U.S. political prisoners in the spirit of knowing We Are Our Own Liberators!

Jalil A. Muntaqim
January 20, 2009