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Obama-Mania (remix)

February 24, 2009 

I am not faulting you or hating on you for your affection for

the 44th President, it is obvious in retrospection it is a universal

affliction without contrition to the reality of socio-economic

restrictions of the poor and oppressed.  I just want you to keep

your eyes on the prize so you will not be surprise by the lies, alibis

and distortions that comes with the White House territory, with all

of its political contortions and false glory.  You see, the situation

requires more than an address to impress that change will manifest

simply by being professed at press conferences, in a cabinet or a

town hall meeting, when the greedy continues exploit in capitalist

elation void any hesitation because CEO’s believe they are safe with

no fear of incrimination. 

You say give him time to unwind a stimulus plan, while the 

Republican’s continue to make demands to undermine retooling

of America.  They being obstructionist seeking to slow the rush in

us to live better lives.  Yet, those in the know knows this is no time

to repose when economic woes cascades like Niagara falls leaving the

lower classes under black and white kaffiyeh shawls of socio-economic

malnutrition.  They starving for relief that welfare and food stamps     

can’t ease the lack of funds that has undone middle class dreams of

prosperity.  For clarity it should be reiterated the stimulus package

will result in Barack being demeaned, prompt the implementation

of new schemes, to ensure the plutocrats continue to govern with

Obama as the leader of their economic team.  However, in his State of

the Union speech in an effort to teach, Obama sought to distinguished   

himself from the general political leech.  But not since LBJ and MLK

has government policies supported minorities in any significant way. 

So, don’t blame me for being cynical when U.S. political history

towards people of color has proven to be criminal. 

I only ask that you consider the pathology of a polymorphous

pertinacious politician, a chameleon of kaleidoscopic proportion

posturing as a people person whose policies are dictated by the

highest bidder.  A transmitter of the ideals of homogeneity with

the proclivity to speak with a silver fork tongue, when all is said

and done, the plutocrats will have gotten more money and run. 

Another multi-billion dollar bailout from one who may not epitomize

the proverbial sellout with a charismatic smile. I am just exclaiming

progressive young folks need to keep a watch-out all the while, since

poor people are hanging on to his every word as he gesticulate like a

puppeteer with a messiah complex having no fear, urging genuflection

to enhance his Presidential career, steering the masses to support him

for another 4 years. 

As this seemingly ubiquitous incestuous system of avarice, continuously

carnivorously nourishes on seasoned American workers, on the putrid

green altar of capitalism, in the Temple of the Federal Reserve Bank,

where they ritualistically proclaim “In God We Trust.” “We The People”

must discuss and organize our collective disgust of this global economic

bust.  Globalization has taken its toll, manufacturing has slowed, the stock

market has foretold that conspicuous consumption has closed.  Common

folks produce the wealth, but have no say in how it is shared, their lives

in disrepair full of despair with foreclosures, pink slips and no way to

spare a dime in this clime, void a collective survival mode there is no

extol of a humanitarian code that we are all suffering together. 

So, how can I blame you for falling for a White House color change, after

being told Americans could once again compete, after recovering from this

global economic retreat, even though the name of the game remains the same,

class struggle should now be claimed, if progressive folks take the reins, and

forge a mass and popular movement including a national agenda to upend the

capitalist-imperialist reign.  To demand reparations and redistribution of the

wealth, now that is a stimulus plan without the stealth, can it be said such notion

is like magic portion, that only a social revolution can dispense without suspense,

by applying a little common sense.  Putting the money directly in the hands of

the oppressed masses, unfortunately, such idea passes as socialist.  But it is

often said if common sense were common, all of these Fools would have it.   

Obama-mania has claimed you!  But can you see the forest beyond the

tree? “We The People” must take a stand, and free the land of political

leeches, with their speeches blinding us with rhetoric about bipartisan

unity. I am not splitting hairs, it is just that I care that we learn to share

when it comes to our socio-economic affairs.  Damn the politicians with

their flair, because it makes no difference when they don’t dare to hold

capitalist institutions accountable.  Mass mobilization, general strikes,

taking the fight to D.C., demanding the end of imperialist wars from sea

to shining seas, for public ownership of the means of production, that will

cause a reduction in capitalist greed.  For big agri-businesses, the building

of cooperative farming like, Victory Gardens would be alarming, bartering

and trading no longer delaying our collective voices must be heard.   If

market forces and consumer spending is the engine of this machine, then,

“We The People” must take control, reclaim our revolutionary souls, like

in the laws of the natural order of things.  

Remember:  We Are Our Own Liberators!