I am not a dream killer
I am a people healer —
some say I am a heart stealer
but like a peeler my spirit
is a revealer, shedding layers
leaving bare for you to stare
at that which cannot be compared,
can not be shared, no despair, just
declare that I truly care.

My live has evolved into a chemistry
of tears and fears, life experience borne
of jeers, absent cheers — the haters, betrayers,
the spirit emasculators have sought to break
me down, have me running around as would
a honey bee from flower to flower — searching …
searching … as the nectar of life eludes me
like an escaped convict daring to be recaptured
as freedom is found hostile to a life of
regimen, procedures and unwarranted discipline —
are you listening?

True love is lost as prison bars like
scarred tattoos X across the heart — tic-tac-toe,
only the pain knows the sorrow etched across my
chest like cardiac arrest, hiding under cloth green,
and numbered with no expiration date, only
labeled — L.I.F.E.!

September 8, 2012
Jalil Muntaqim
Attica, NY State