Liberty's Blood

Southport, the NYS central gulag,
like California’s Pelican Bay and
Colorado’s Florence USPX, the Robben
Islands of the U.S., dots across the
country like measles, the pustulate
disease of the toxic waste of

Locked in concrete and steel, a
cell with ¼ inch thick meshed steel,
criss-crossed like checker board squares
keeping the free-spirited encapsulated as
if they were a vaccine in a gel cap,
contained, prohibited to fly, to soar, while
allowing the demons of law & order, the
peons of judicial jaundice, in their
indifference to human suffering, to gloat,
as active participants securing a system
of white supremacy.

The teeming masses with their picket
signs and banners, marched, making a
tremendous clamor, chanting liberty,
libertad, liberty, libertad demanding
the ceasing of mass incarceration
in their elation, were prepared for
a fight.

The automatons in blue, jack-booted
in lock-step, push forward shields up,
mace in hand, batons ready, stone
faced, their command: make sure the
crack in the liberty bell stays cracked.

Cracking heads for good luck is the order
of the day, as liberty seekers in the clash
of wills let their blood spill, using their
blood as cement, coagulating to fill the
crack in the bell, whose toll when rung
sings freedom.

And, yet, those in cages with the
checker board square of mesh steel
binding them to an 8 by 10 enclosure,
their hope grew to only hear the
ringing of that bell …

Fight on, soldiers of liberty, push through
the gauntlet, the anguish and pain, for
your noble cause and sacrifice will spring
new songs of freedom for the world
to rejoice, and the sonic sound will
liberate those in Southport, Pelican
Bay and Florence USPX to join your
ranks with the determination and
rage of Dragons … knowing “When
the Prison Doors Open, the Real
Dragons Will Fly Out” (Ho Chi Minh).

In the Spirit of Nelson Mandela
in Apartheid NYs Prison System

Remember: We Are Our Own Liberators!

Jalil A. Muntaqim
Apartheid Southport
January 15, 2017