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In Those Times

It was a time when yesterdays dreams are
preferred;-  a period where personal
sacrifices was not abandon, but was
regarded as doing one's part.

It was a time when young women and men had
faith and sought to realize their truths
for the future. They knew it was not a
matter of peace while at war, but rather
peace after the revolution.

They understood Jimmy Hendrix's "Purple Haze"
was a diversion, where the memory of being a
slave is washed away in acid, tripping down
the steep abyss of conformity to racist oppression.

It was a time when the target oinked in the
masquerade of law and order. But the only
order it knew was to ensure corporate supply
and demand continued to exploit the community.

in those times, young Black men and women
matriculated in the lessons of street warfare,
in the art of survival while building survival
programs, fighting battles wearing the uniform
of black leather jackets and berets. Their
slogan's was Power to the People,
and Black Power to Black People!

Yet, they new the revolution would not be
televised, except for when one of them was
murdered or captured or ran into exile.
COINTELPRO would permit this broadcast
in order to distort the reality of revolution.

It was a time when Black love reigned supreme,,
and the babies were held in esteem, make babies
for the revolution and before I die, was the
war cry, and all had caught the infectious
dream - that if you believe it, then you should
be it, and live it, or let it be!

And, we believe it, we live it, and what we let
be - had no relevance in those times •••

2005-- Jalil