I Seek Truth

How do we find truths when it eludes
us like cumulus clouds blown by the
turbulent winds of ltfe is trial and

I've come to learn that truth is
relative, and it can be as close
as the woman who spurt, you into
the world, or as distant as a cousin
by marriage of an adopted child.

Yet, I seek universal truths that
match the colors of a prism and tips
a kaleidoscope on its end forctng
it to pour a rainbow of understanding
into the black hole of my reality.

Then, and only then, I'll be able
to enter the fray against decit
and hypocrisy, and by proxy begin
to lead the way to a place where
existence is a cornucopia of relatives
who are strung as if they were words
1n a thesaurus huddle together to
give additional meanins to our world.

Indeed, meaning to our world is in
essence the purpose of universal
truths which encompasses our
humanity - that needs to be

Tell me the truths that you seek,
for I am sure, like many, you're
tired of living the lie.

You say, One Love,
I say to many, Love One!

JALIL © 2010