Atlas + Sisyphus = 0

I watch the world twirl while we
hurl invectives at conflicts that
strip our humanity, inflicting
wounds on the consciousness of
the youth, who will inherit a
damaged earth … PTSD anyone?

Like Bernie, I proclaim we need a
political revolution, the evolution
of our existence denouncing racist
and capitalist inflictions. The
youth confront obstacles as the
old linger, saving face in the
face of the inevitable … Change!

Time being the best teacher of
it's students, ul-time-ly time
being the grim reaper. What
will you do in your time? Do not
let it lapse, it is not plastic,
it cannot be recycled, we can
not time travel … No Regrets!

You must take a stand, like taking
back the land from the greedy, and
give it to the needy. Reaching
for freedom like an apple off the
forbidden tree of capitalism, low
hanging fruit; to bite into it is to
feel like Atlas and Sisyphus occupying
the same place at the same time.
Masticating into an ambrosia, a
nectar, an elixir to soothe the
soul, like paying your bills, and
avoiding police killings, and
being despised as MLK identifies as
… “The Other America.”

The plutocracy denies democracy,
the hypocrisy of their existence.
We continue to believe revolution
is the solution to be achieved at
the ballot box, Malcolm X said it
would be either the “Ballot or
the Bullet
.” I remember the non-
violent direct action confrontations
of the civil rights movement, marches,
sit-ins, freedom rides, boycotts, and
protests lead the way of building a mass
and popular movement for substantial
institutional change.

The COALITION of participatory
democracy harkens a lesson from
SNCC, CORE, Urban League, NAACP
and SCLC leading the way. A
national agenda challenging Jim
Crow, demanding desegregation
and equality; putting an end to
the confederate continued war
against the Yankee north. Yet,
today the same prevails, no
difference in the tale, right-
wing philosophy masking the
KKK’s unrelenting charge.

From Fugitive Slave Law to Black
Codes, to Jim Crow and now Mass
Incarceration … the continuum?
What to do now that we’ve been

Political prisoners languish,
sitting in cells eating P & J
sandwiches, while political
activists dispute in sectarian
languages, freedom eludes us
like a paranormal phenomenon.
You're lobbying like a non-profit
hustler, when what we need is some
revolutionary ghost busters.

After 8 years of Obama, and
Mothers’ shivers and tears
continue to fight back from
police killings and racist
internet trolls. I told you
what to expect in “Obama-Nation
and “Obama-Mania.” But failing
to organize, taking your eyes
off the prize, has now made you
realize there is no wooing racist
capitalists to their antithesis.
It would not be surprising if
overt fascism is on the horizon!

Social media becomes the medium of
activism and mobilization, on each
and every occasion, absent a national
agenda, neglecting People Are The
Motive Force In Creating History.
Lessons not learned from the civil
rights movement, reprise like a
re-Tweet, the delusional Atlas
and Sisyphus, the myth of anti-
authoritarianism like individualism,
the Janus side of competition, no
derision, but it makes us all weak.
Spontaneity is no strategy, emotional
release serves to decrease the anguish
of a perceived collective loss. Yet,
the task before us is not to appease
the faint of heart, but to recognize
a leaderless movement is a movement
unable to lead!!!

Remember: We Are Our Own Liberators!

Jalil A. Muntaqim
Apartheid Attica
November 14, 2016