Elephants vs. Tigers

Made in 400 years of racist suppression,
now only 150 years of Black decompression,
a mental time machine envisioning a future
after this seemingly endless war.

I emerge from the black-hole of
white supremacy in a quantum leap,
Dark Matter compressd into an atomic
fusion of ancestral revolutionary

Black Lives Matter! Opposing the white
noise of indifference and cultural
ambience of dominance that some
continue to believe is inherited like
a genetic abberation. The dialectics
of our existence, the unity and struggle
of opposites, forges magnetic polarization
as humanity seeks the universal norm
bridging a new reality from a violent

I do not damn the heavens, being blessed
with tragedy testing my resolve like an
Afrikan elephant defeating the hunger of a
Bengal tiger. An elephant who remembers
the triumphs of revolutions defeating
the avarice of capitalist-imperialism.

Finding solace within the madness,
grappling with the contradictions
like a mathematical equation solution
formulaic revelation putting theory
into practice as did Che, Castro,
Cabral and Carlos.

Just one hundred and fifty years since
the Thirteenth Amendment, Reconstruction
and the Black Codes, followed by Jim Crow
and COINTELPRO, now Racial Profiling and
Mass Incarceration, Police Violence a reminder
of Slave Patrols, how long will ths war go

April 2015
Jalil A. Muntaqim
Attica, NY State