Chairman  Hampton Black Panther Party chicago, Il

Chairman Fred


Mark Clark BPP

Capt. Mark Clark



Fred dead 12/4/1969






Chairman Fred & Captain Mark

When they come in the morning,
will you be ready?
Before the rooster crows,
like chicken coming home to roost,
they always come in the morning!

With their robotic, automatic,
lock-step precision marching to
a tune abiding their nightmarish
intentions like a theme to a horror movie.

There was no knock on the door,
 the no-knock law was in effect
before it became law. We always
knew it existed, since no
sanctuary was inviolable for as
long as we inhabited the place
where our breath took up space.
For us, all of life had been
an occupational hazard!

They knew their target was a flag,
a banner dressed in black leather,
that the wind of freedom made it
wave. a flap like thunder clap,
awakening the dead. The living
dead whose thinking embraced the
lies that distorted our lives into
inhumane shapes of catatonic like­
ness in Frankenstein’s image.

Before the dawn, they raided under
the blanket of a star fallen night,
dispensing fright, and murder, and
death ... their bullets flew like the
spray of demented holy water to
exorcise, to purify in the gospel of
their racist might, sanctifying their

And Two Laid Dead!

They claimed a victory as if they won
a bet, enriching themselves in blood,
like vampires they fed an insatiable
lust for power.

The wind of freedom never ceased,
the black leather flag draped over
their coffins like a symbol to his
immortal words.

"You can kill a revolutionary,
but you can't kill revolution.
You can jail a freedom fighter,
but you can't jail freedom!