"Big Brother Speaks"

September 9, 2009  

Casting aspersions fact laden
holding down the news of the
guilty while Cheney speaks about
CIA leaks that creeps on Obama's
peeps seeking to end harsh interrogation
to the elation of Al-Qaeda.


Al-Qaeda, CIA's proxy enemy financed
by Saudi hierarchy to strengthen
U.S. hegemony duping the world to
mass distributions with mass assassins,
and population contractions giving birth
to a New World Order.


Liberty screams as the Janus baby
emerges splitting her pelvis while
Rush Limbaugh pleads innocent to
the charge of rape. The Supreme
Court rules it was an act of freedom
of speech, and the Surgeon General
relieves our anxiety with Homeland
Security color-coded pills prescribed
by Bayer and Scribb to the
consternation of Proctor and Gamble.


As the corporation that is the United
States continues to spawn hypocrisy!


Remember:  We Are Our Own Liberators!