Aunt Doe

May 5, 2009  

Like an angry cat furiously pawing and unfurling a
ball of gray yarn, the seams of her mind unwind.

Heroically, her memory struggles to defy the deadly
diminishing of its existence in an unrelenting battle
resembling the Sun battering holes in an overcast sky,
intermittingly warming pastures of names, places and

Blinding rain of dementia dims her thoughts as she stares
into space, her mind screaming to remember but hearing
only the echoing pitter-patter of deafening silence demanding
an umbrella of medications to cast fading shadows that hark
back to life's successes, the pain of lost opportunities, and
pleasures of having loved and been loved.

Old age has captured the beauty of her youth and callously
jostles her, as she stumbles absent signposts or directions,
though a mental maze toward the terminal dark gallows of

And, yet, we remember and love the whole of her!


Dedicated to my beloved Aunt Dorothy Phillips,
who is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease

Remember:  We Are Our Own Liberators!