Apartheid Attica

Nestled in the upstate New York rural
community, stand grey walls and ominous
gun towers, inside 24 hundred souls
captured and confined.

Marching two by two, 40 strong,
escorted by club wielding
guards enter a messhall, a sea
of Black and Brown faces, under
camera surveillance and controlled,
by the threat of club wielding

The Administration is colorless,
in fact, non are Captains,
Lieutenants or Sergeants.

1863 The Emancipation Proclamation
Not in Attica.

Apartheid Attica!

Banning of books keeping in
the dark, truth denied by law
law disguised as truth, the
captured and confined lost
and confused, trying to teach,
an elder deemed a threat by the
powers that be.

1865 The 13th Amendment Ends Chattel
Slavery and Involuntary Servitude,
Not in Attica.

Apartheid Attica.

Solitary confinement, brutality
and beat downs—prisoners
toe the line doing the time
for being Black in America,
the legacy of slavery, Black
Codes and Jim Crow.

Do Black Lives Matter?

1868 The 14th Amendment gave
Equal Protection
Due Process and
Liberty Interest,
Not in Attica.

Apartheid Attica.

No life skills education or training,
no computer literacy, no automotive
engineering no Bachelor or Master
Degrees, wonder why recidivism is
high, STEM only a Dream.

1965 Brown v. Board of
Education ending school
segregation, yet here the
curriculum is like the 1960’s.
Yes, here in Attica.

Apartheid Attica

Paroled to a community, if paroled,
void of any understanding when the
system is a lie. There is no correction
when the problem has not been defined.
Rehabilitation we all decry, but we
know the system can not provide.
No transition absent the conniption of
the friction of the return of the
reborn Sons.

1965 Voters Rights Act, but today
there is a roll back, like a
hijack, not unlike the pipeline
from school to prison. Where is
the community’s derision?

Right here in Attica.

Apartheid Attica.

Calling for Boycotts, Divestments
and Sanctions for the closing of
Apartheid Attica!

“We will not be driven like beasts,
We are Men!”—L.D. Barkley, September 1971.

Jalil A. Muntaqim
October 27, 2015—Attica