The Program

There is nothing inconsequential
about what I am about to say, so
I hope you’re able to understand
the plan my way.

One day while looking up at the
ceiling in a purple haze , my mind
wandered in a magnificent way.  I
saw myself as a scientist in a
grand laboratory experimenting
on a new cure for AIDS.  This was
no trivial matter, and could not be
delayed, you can see the subliminal
suggestion had to be played.


When I woke, I had to do something,
exactly what whose to tell,
but this scourge on the earth
demanded this tale.  So, I initiated
a program to assist the kids, collecting
school supplies for orphans whose parents
no longer lived.

At first, I didn’t know people
would respond, but was flabbergasted
how they all came around.  School
supplies came from near and far,
piling in heaps from wall to wall.
from church, and mosque, people from
the hip-hop generation, they all was
on board.  Yet the program still
had not scored a triumphant success,
because we still had to find a
way to get the supplies from
here to there.


The action we sought to achieve we couldn’t
believe, but we believe we could achieve all
that we conceived.  This was  not a psychedelic
trip,  this was something we needed to do that
could not slip.

So, we organizes a fund raiser of
hip-hop folks, and everyone attended,
even a representative of the Pope.

The arena was filled and people
began to dance as they knew this
was our last chance to address this
issue and make a stance against AIDS
and in support of orphans it left
behind, knowing we were in a race
against time.

For saving the babies is the last
resort, because the future is in their
hands, they just don’t know it yet!

(Dedicated to Sista Efia N.)

@ 2010  Jalil