The Enchanter

Like a Wizard  I cast spells.
from deep within  I expel
words that split brain cells,
separating heaven from hell,
and then you’ll be able to tell
where you stand when your living
lies has fell, from heights you
though unparallel.

From underneath my sleeve I wave
my wand in a figure 8 laying on
its side -  and infinite power soars
from here to where you be.  So, lets
see what you can now achieve.

From African shores you once scored
as kings, princes, and warriors galore,
then they came and captured your life
and soul, and left in its place a festering
sore, where nothing  is glorified except
a pimp, and a whore, crap games and drugs
- as the storm of racism covers you
like hot lava, reminding you of images
of hell, you refuse to dispel, because
you’ve been taught to hate yourself and
fail, to tuck your tail, never to prevail,
to act as if what you were had never

ABRACADABRA – point my wand directly
at your brain, and let my words break
the psychological, spiritual bondage
and pain.  Slowly, life is brought back
to your cadaver, like Lazarus from
the grave, the death of mental havoc
to again be saved.

A-WAKE!  I Command – from 400 years of a
hypnotic trance, so we can collectively
move from this destructive past.

Miseducation you have suffered,
rebuilding your mind is what we
must muster.  To find the might to
rid you of fright, to once again
Hold back the night, so that the
Brilliance of your life will again
Merge with daylight, and you will
Again understand your birghtright…

That under the Sun and below the moon,
You gave birth to stars that fills
The universe of  man with magic
Of divinity – because without you
First no other could have been.

SHAZZAM – I exclaim and angles proclaim
your name – “Nuk Pu Nuk” is not to
be ashamed for the last will be first its
time to end the blame, and refrain from
acts that brings in return your own pain;
to survive the mental madness of self-hate.

Conjure the words of Malcolm and the
courage of Martin, accept the beliefs
of Marcus and restore the Mathematical
Magic of Mind Power Making the Majestic
Mystery system Supreme to Sanctify your
Sanctuary of Self.

For now you are -  as you once began in
the Kemetic language “Nuk Pu Nuk”
I AM that I AM!!!

@  2001                 JALIL