Back To Blackness

The blackness burst in a sub-nuclear
explosion of intellectual energy evolving
from a paragon of nothing, cascading it’s
brilliance upon the earth revealing an
universal matrix of creation.

The colors of a prism shimmered in a
kaleidoscope of life feeding the frenzy,
forcing upon all the fortune of love
in order to perpetuate its primordial

While fortune fought to not be
denied, darkness sought to claim
the right not to hide, to be set
aside.  To again be black, to absorb
the colors of the prism and prohibit
the shimmering of the kaleidoscope; to
return the mescegnation, to forge
the accumulation into an amalgamation.

This epic battle born a battalion of
warriors weary of pontifications
of humanities exclamation, weary and
wanting no more wars.  Species having
gravity grieves the quantum frenzy,
all is frozen, as time envelopes
upon itself, and life stands still –
momentarily, to install the need
for the return of unification
of Blackness!

@ 2010                        JALIL