There are men, then there are
Men, knowing the difference
is knowing how the world spins.

Understanding the men-tality is to
gain a hand-hold on reality.

The Captains of industry, government
Representatives, military leaders
And religious clergy, metallurgy,
An al-chemistry of carbon base
Reality, our hu-man existence,
Manifested in the image of self-
Reflected in the refractured mirror
Of God through the ages, turning the
pages in varied stages, a revolutionary
(prophet) emerges encouraging a return
to the origin – Eden remembered in
the primordial memory of collective
consciousness where you and I
play chess on a checker board
earthly stage – minus the pieces,
as poverty and pain increases
-perhaps delusional as our hearts
hope for happiness eludes us
like the hop-scotch touch-down
of tornadoes, leaving in its path
the stricken in prayer and
unanswered question, as the
forsaken – awaken to a personal
world to be renewed, as bunker
busters and suicide bombers
replicates the devastation of
tornadoes, and survivors make not
any connections, as the ideology
of God and men are divorced by
politics and nationalism, how
much can we withstand, a
plan, not of our making but
impacts us all the same, like
unclaimed terrestrial baggage
strewn in a celestial stream of
havoc, imagine that the trek to
get back to a place where peace
reign in a tranquil world and
earth blessings award all

There are men, then there men,
knowing the difference is knowing
how the world spins.

Checking your fantasy at the door
stepping into the world that
many abhor, for wo-men it
is the discipline, in knowing
they can win – when dealing
with matters of the heart or head,
separating emotions from egoism
as oil from water – liquid,
fluid, lubricating the future
like a mechanic, less
frantic, knowing the dynamic
controlling the reaction
in a nuclear connection,
traversing relationships with
impunity, no regrets, and yet,
as time of day evolves into
night, no longer afraid of the
dark, as dawn awakens the might
to be right, phoenix in a
revolutionary flight out of
the plight that ignites
conscious contemplative where
love is the motivation, and
humanities evolution the
determination. Giving Birth!

There are men, then there are men,
Knowing the difference is knowing
How the world spins.

One God,  One World,  One Destiny???

One God,  One World, One Destiny !!!

                        You Decide?!

May 28, 2011                                    Jalil