My Poetry

My poetry is sharpen knives
clipping thorns off roses…

My poetry builds bridges over
lava flows to step in spring

My poetry replaces hate with
understanding and puts sugar
in kisses…

My poetry ravishes and plunders
the greedy to feed the needy…

My poetry puts the hue in humanity
to consternation of racists
and xenophobes…

My poetry put the stink in
shit and make you love the

My poetry is the bastard son
of the hookers that satisfies your
husbands and boyfriends, and
some of your girlfriends….

You know it is all about love…

My poetry is not fairy tales
or lullabies or sing-a-longs,
Naw – it is a rebuke of the
ostrich syndrome – a swift kick
in the ass to make you stand-up
straight and take responsibility
for your failures, demanding you
live life fully and love completely…

Even when I procrastinate to write
my poetry…

My poetry puts the puzzle in an
enigma, like a Rubic Cube, you
have to twist your mind to discover
a solution…


My poetry put the Pan in Dora's
box, and swallow to the key to
keep it locked...


My poetry has a chip on its
shoulder bigger than the heads
no Mount Rushmore...


My poetry is the calm before the
storm, and the silence in the dark...


My poetry is the hypnotist trance
and the enlightenment of an epiphany...

My poetry only ask for your
ear to open your mind so
your heart will hear my
poetry tantalizing your

My poetry… is my life

@  2010   December                        Jalil