Impure Thoughts

The mix of angles and jinns slowdancing
in my mind, skip a beat causing my feet
to trip on the steep climb from insanity
to reality casting shadows in shades of
life and death.

Fast walking to my demise to no one’s
Surprise we all are tired of living the
Lies wondering what’s on the other side.

I can’t hide my feelings on a path not
Of my own design, they bursting inside
Like land mines, as I wander as if
Blind though the ravishes of time.

Friction on a smooth surface of ideas about
revolution in the evolution of humankind,
being unkind to my mind as neurosynapses
flip like trip-wire to linchpins of
fragment grenades blowing away pieces
of a dream, cascading enlightment on
a rainbow of poverty, while people rise
through the dense smog choking on the
toxic laws of U.S. imperialism.

Yet, for talk like this, they say I’m
Insane, but I know WE ARE OUR OWN

@ 2001 JALIL