Cloning test tube babies
With grafted mentalities
As pyro-tech scientist
Blow away humanity
Into a new philosophy of
Gnostic cryogenics to be
Thawed when Messiah
Resurrect from the
Nuclear pyre in an
In hospitable world with
Teeming souls tilted by
A polar shift and toxic
Climatic drift as
Survivors more from
The abyss in the midst
Of a new revelation.

The rewriting of lessons
Unlearned, ancient Bible
Stories no longer the
Glory of man in God's

Splicing red genes into blues
And greens bio-technics
Tweak evolution into sterility,
And the human race is replaced
By biogenetics manufactured in
A Lab on the assembly line of

Reversing the dynamics of creation,
With god made in Man's image.

Jalil 2006