Let The Force Be With You

Look into the my third eye
see the Black Knight whose
words are like white light
illuminating the might to
be right on the left
cutting all derision with
precision as my vision
and decisions compensate for
the collision with my
enemies making them give
birth to maggots.

Like drug addicts you'd be
high trying to stay alive,
obeying your thirst for lessons
to learn only concern is
testing the limits of
my wisdom about days gone
by racist oppression to no one's
elation continues without
abating no escaping chains
needing breaking.

I accept no alibis, no living
lies, while Arab youth face
multiple perils in unparalleled
world in history and time,
I'm inclined to remind the
remiss that in the U.S.,
the youth need to test their
political strength in solidarity.

For clarity, U.S. youth must
take a stand for education,
to end the war, demand jobs, and
the liberation of Palestine.

This combined with freedom
and amnesty of U.S. political
prisoners, with no derision
their decisions will be
a political collision with
plutocrats and government

I know they can do it,
as it has been done before,
class war no one adores, but
it is necessary to restore
our humanity beyond corporate
horrors of profits over people,
demanding Earth First ultimately
our happiness will burst
in knowing our youth
has joined the world's
revolutionary force.

June 2011