Dark Shadow


Don’t confuse my silence as being unknowing…

            My patience is more ominous than my immediate reaction,
the  Count of Monte Cristol  is pure fiction  by Dumas.    But I
am real,  a  creature  of  God,  and  like steel,   I won’t yield!

            Decades spent planning and plotting my future,  friends
will  be rewarded  and  foes  severely  opposed.

            As the saying  goes,  a  frown  is  a  smile  turned  upside
down,  but  what  can  be  said  of  no   expression –

                                    and silence?

            “Sahu-Khaibit”  in  the Kemetic language,  is  my  personal
form  and  art,  for  the “Shadow  of the Spirit”  is   not  only  a
state   of  mind,

                                    but  also  a  state of  existence.

            As  often  said,  quitters  never  win,  and winners  never
quit.    Indeed,    patience   and   persistence  is    the    key    to

            It is in poetry is motion,  for when the spirit speaks   it
may  come slowly, but it only speaks the truth!


2002                                                                      JALIL