Afraid-dy Cat

It has been said that the revolution
will not be televised.  But to all’s
surprise, everyone is glued to the
T.V. waiting for the next episode,
as it unfolds…

The revolution will be televised,
you just have to read between the
lies that disguise how the fight
will be applied… and by whom!
From sea to shining sea, prisons
are filled with those who would
take it to them.  Their alibis
hidden in crack vials with
hypnotic smiles expressing your
future in acrid smoke vapors.

The revolution will be televised,
reporting the number of single
mothers claiming to be exotic
dancers so they can buy pampers,
and welfare is without a care.
As dead-beat dads put dollars in
g-strings, supporting each other’s

The revolution will be televised,
as police increase patrols,
occupying Homeland Security,
unleashing the might of the
right, keeping tight reign on
the plight of the illiterates

The revolution, will be televised,
with unemployment for the oppressed
in double digits, while politicians
play debits on the account of poverty
to keep demographics in place.

The revolution will be televised,
between Jerry Springer and Oprah,
offering the revolution,  new and
improved, superduper, best ever,
one of a kind, genuine and unique
must have item for consumption.
And the Matrix Revolution will be
playing at a theater near you –
Neal donning the Red, White and Blue,
but Morpheas still wearing black and
believing this white man is the One!
While Bush and Powell rides into the

The counter-revolution will be
televised as the New World Order,
but the problem is gangster’s and
thug’s are still afraid of revolution!!

@ 2003                                     JALIL