Jalil Enjoys a Visit from
His Mother: August 2012

A Mother and Her Son

Thanks to national and international Jericho supporters, Jalil's mother Billie, who lives in Georgia, was able to visit him on August 12th, 13th and 14th of 2012. Jalil's Buffalo supporters Brooke, Nate, Leslie & Theresa also raised funds locally to help defray the costs of the visit. They also arranged an event at Burning Books so Billie could meet Jalil's Buffalo supporters. It had been more than a year since Billie had last seen her son, so Attica categorically denied a trailer visit based on a strict interpretation of the rules. The August visits paved the way for a trailer visit in the near future, hopefully at the time of Jalil's birthday on October 18th. Both Jalil and Billie thank everyone for the support that made this visit possible. Here is the thank you that Billie sent (it was delayed in the mail):

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