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Anthony J. Bottom #77A4283
Attica C.F.
P.O. Box 149
Attica, NY 14011-0149

If you want to help
Jalil A. Bottom with commissary, send a Postal money order to his address above.

Jalil's response to parole denial at September 2012 hearing!

Jalil's response to parole denial at August 2012 de novo hearing!

Read Jalil's new book of poetry: Exiting the Prism—Fade to Black…!

Reviews of New Edition of We Are Our Own Liberators!

Check out the
video Voices from Auburn, with poetry from prisoners at Auburn CF!

Attorney Cheryl Kates files Civil Rights Complaint against NYS DOCCS!

Jalil Speaks

  Jalil VideoSee this video at freedomarchives.org (20 minutes). Video hosted by Innocent In Prison Project International;
thank you, IIPPI.

Once again, we are preparing for Jalil's upcoming parole hearing in June. Since the PBA, the FOP, and the Correctional Officers union are able to collect thousands of signatures against parole, we must work to gain as many signatures and letters of support for Jalil as possible. In addition to the online petition, there is a hard copy that can be downloaded here. Since many members of our community do not have regular access to the internet, it is important to use the hard copy and return it to us.

You can also download and print out the parole campaign brochure explaining Jalil's case as a way of educating people about the political nature of the case and the parole board's constant denials despite national and international support for Jalil's release on parole.


Be sure to read the wonderful letter from Jalil's Mom Billie:
A Mother's Cry
in support of her son's release.

Check out the videos of Jalil discussing
the Case of the New York 3, Cointelpro, Plutocracy and
some history leading to the formation of the Jericho Movement,
of which Jalil is a co-founder.


Also Check out the videos from an interview with Jalil
in 1988 by Paper Tiger TV, especially Part 3, which includes
a response to Badge of the Assassin with Safiyah Bukhari,
Attorney Brian Glick and the New York 3.


Sign the online petition to Tina M. Stanford,
Chairwoman of the NYS Board of Parole,
for Jalil's Release on Parole in 2014!


Click on the image below to read about
the Case of the New York Three

Jalil Launches FOIL Lawsuit

As we all know, the Parole Board employs a number of tactics to keep older political prisoners like Jalil Muntaqim behind bars. They maintain files concerning such prisoners, but they do not share any of this information with Jalil or his attorneys. Since May of 2012, Jalil has been fighting to secure access to any and all communications sent to DOCCS by individuals or organizations supporting or opposing his bid for parole. In January of this year, Michael Kuzma filed suit on behalf of Jalil under the Freedom to Information Law (FOIL) to gain access to all records maintained on him by DOCCS.

Jalil has a right to under FOIL to see these documents. Jalil and Mike will continue to work to pry loose these records from DOCCS. It is Jalil’s firm belief that the release of these files will assist him in securing his liberation from prison. Read the Order to Show Cause, Petition, DOCCS answer, Jalil's Reply Affidavit and Order from Judge Dadd for more information. Judge Dadd does not hear oral argument in prisoner cases, but he has issued a written decision as to whether DOCCS is required to release the documents under FOIL.

Disclosure, not secrecy, is the dominant feature of FOIL. Also, FOIL proceeds under the premise that the public is vested with an inherent right to know and that official secrecy is anathema to our form of government.

Read the October 13, 2013 Affirmation of Terrence X. Tracey for DOCCS explaining why DOCCS is withholding information, and the brilliant November 5, 2013 Reply Affidavit (with Exhibits) by Michael Kuzma.

The New York State Attorney General has until December 9, 2013 to respond to the papers Michael Kuzma filed on November 5, 2013. The case has been restored to the Court's calendar for December 12, 2013 to be decided on the papers. Odds are there won't be a written decision until late this year or early next.

On December 23, 2013, Judge Mark H. Dadd issued a Decision and Order specifically excluding the May 16, 2012 letter from the NY County District Attorney's Office to the Division of Parole from disclosure

We will continue to keep you posted regarding the struggle to gain the release of the secret DOCCS files pertaining to Jalil.